What Happens If I Fail To Complete Even Within The Maximum Permissible Period?

What happens if I fail to complete even within the maximum permissible period?

There is scope for re-admission for most of the IGNOU Programme. If you have not been to able to complete your programme successfully within the maximum permissible period, then you may take re-admission. You have to complete only the part you had failed to accomplish and you also have the provision of seeking credit transfer for the courses you had already completed during your earlier period of IGNOU Registration. The period of validity of registration after re-admission is not unlimited and it varies from programme to programme.
 Some of the programmes of IGNOU are of three years’ duration like BA, BCom, BSc
or BTS. Again for MBA one does not register for the entire programme in one go. Such
a student is supposed to re-register. A student of BA will re-register for the second year
while he is in the first year and for the third year while he is in the second year. Similarly,
a student of management programme has to register semester wise and in a particular
semester, he can register for the maximum of four courses.
So every registration he undertakes after the initial admission is a re-registration in his case. Now, for every programme of IGNOU there is a minimum duration and a maximum
permissible period. If a learner cannot complete the programme successfully within
the maximum permissible period then his registration becomes time-barred. He can
then exercise the provision of re-admission into IGNOU and he gets the facility of
credit transfer for all the courses he had successfully completed earlier.


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  1. I am a ignou BDP student.maximum course completion time for my BDP course i.e. of 6 years has ended in this june 2016.i am not able to complete my course within this period.i have failed in 3 to 4 papers.and i have to clear those papers in order to complete my BDP.what shall i do..plz guide..can i do re admission.

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