What is the scope for Doctor of Philosophy in History from IGNOU?

No one can get a progression without knowing about its root. Thus, it is really important to know about the history. Our past makes present significant with various facts and figures.

Scope of the program
If you are good in history and take interest in ancient remains, Doctor of Philosophy in History(IGNOU PhD in History) from IGNOU can provide you with a wonderful career. You can easily be a professor in history and teach the students who are carrying on with graduation in the particular specialization.

Private and government jobs
If you want to make your career in academics you must apply for the position of professor in colleges and universities. But, there are also scopes for a candidate with Doctor of Philosophy in History from IGNOU to go ahead with research. You can easily develop publishing skills with research work.

Companies offering jobs
University of Michigan , Syracuse University

The remuneration depends on the position in academics. Full time IGNOU job has an average of $79,439

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