What is the scope for M.A in English from IGNOU

What is the scope for M.A in English from IGNOU

English is a world recognized language today and due to globalization, it has become essential that people from all fields know the language in the right way so that communication becomes easy. English has a wide scope today as more and more people want to learn the language for various reasons. In India all the schools and universities and institutions teach in the medium of English.

Earning a Masters of Arts in English from IGNOU provides a sound base in the language and also a good exposure to a variety of literature that are written with high quality. Students in IGNOU MEG get the much needed proficiency and analytical skills needed for the overall development of the language.
There are plenty of jobs available for students who pass out from IGNOU. IGNOU Jobs can be found at various institutions as lecturer in English, for private tuitions to students, for corporate training in the language, writer etc. 

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