What is the scope for Masters of Social Work from IGNOU

What is the scope for Masters of Social Work from IGNOU

Today there are plenty of opportunities for students to pursue different kinds of academic fields. One such field is Masters of social work. The course provides higher studies in the profession of social work. One can be ready to work as a social worker globally as well as in India. One can earn degree in specific areas as well.

IGNOU MSW offers a wide range of curriculum that covers a lot of areas in social work. The course includes themes like theory paper on social work practicum, studies in HIV and AIDS, globalization and migration etc. These areas need work and IGNOU provides a deep knowledge by training, and helping them to prepare them for the job. Students will be easily able to find right placements as the field has a large scope in today’s scenario.

Students from IGNOU will be able to work in various fields like NGO’s, corporate charity organizations, human rights offices, government IGNOU Jobs, social charity and many more. 

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