What is the scope of Bachelor in Business Administration from IGNOU

What is the scope of Bachelor in Business Administration from IGNOU
Business administration offers the opportunities of wide-ranging and flourishing career to aspiring professionals. The course is designed to include in-depth understanding of working of organisations. Students learn the ropes of managerial skills and knowledge of business functioning. They learn how to analyse and solve management issues in business. The module is dynamic to include changing business trends, where students learn how to anticipate them, welcome and finally deal with them. They become better leaders geared with skills to manage and challenge the global business world.

IGNOU offers Bachelor of Business Administration (IGNOU BBA) with an objective to prepare students on how to manage rapidly changing business organisations. Students learn the art of decision-making, tackling management issues, and various other skills. The course offers organised learning of management. It embraces varied areas viz. finance, communication, marketing, etc. The balanced approach of theories, projects, class participation, and industry exposure grooms students to face the business world. The course is the need of the organisations today.

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