What is the scope of Bachelor of Education from IGNOU

What is the scope of Bachelor of Education from IGNOU
Education is the most rewarding field, be it financially or morally. A teacher is one such person that can make difference to an entire nation. A bachelor’s degree in education prepares a person for the field of education. The need for teachers has increased due to rapid growth in the teaching industry at all levels.
Graduates become eligible for teaching jobs in universities, colleges or schools in government or private institutions. During the course, students learn varied leaning processes. They become adept to utilise the teaching strategies as and when the need arises. Students are taught literacy, numeracy and other skills to manage a classroom.

The scope of Bachelor of Education (IGNOU BED) from IGNOU trains prospective teachers in variety of skills, grooming them to become the education leaders in future. The module covers relevant principles in the field of teaching, varied perspectives, and supporting theories. Students are exposed to real-life teaching experience to prepare themselves for their role.

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