What is the scope of Bachelor of Information Technology from IGNOU

What is the scope of Bachelor of Information Technology from IGNOU
A bachelor’s degree in information technology offers wide-ranging professional opportunities both in domestic as well as international fields. The module is designed in a way that it balances knowledge with practical exposure, helping students to gain hands-on expertise in the field. Students learn how to influence and build technology infrastructure while involving people using it. The degree makes graduates responsible for developing software products. They become efficient to handle the challenges and requirements of this rapidly changing field. The course educates students in principles, tools, and techniques that are involved in analyzing, designing, executing as well as maintaining the computer systems in changing business environments.

The scope of Bachelor of Information Technology (IGNOU BIT) from IGNOU involves direct application, development and execution of the software designs. Post the course, students can further their professional careers or engage in higher studies, as per the preference. Graduates are groomed to face the industry with apt knowledge and industry interface.

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