What is the Scope of Bachelor of Social Work from IGNOU

What is the scope of Bachelor of Social Work from IGNOU
Social Work is the need of the society at present. A bachelor’s degree in social work is the combination of liberal arts and social work. It prepares students to enter into careers that needs service professionals for the society.


With the degree, students become responsible citizens of the society. They learn how to work in groups, in different settings, and even learn varied skills that include assessing, interviewing, planning, management, etc. Students further learn how to act in crisis, evaluate outcomes of various initiatives, and reach out to community, etc. the degree offers an exciting professional career in public or private organisations.

IGNOU offers Bachelor of Social Work (IGNOU BSW) with an objective to offer training to students in social policies, their operation, execution, and evaluation. The course combines both theoretical knowledge and practical work, grooming students for the profession. It covers subjects like humanities, behavioural sciences, natural sciences, language, etc. Every country needs such students who are active and educated in social work.

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