Scope of Certificate in Organic Farming from IGNOU

Scope of Certificate in Organic Farming from IGNOU – This 6 months course from IGNOU basically helps the students to get a detailed knowledge on the various tools, techniques and methods that should be adopted for the purpose of farming without the help of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. This helps in creating a healthy environment and also helps in providing healthy produce to the people.
It helps in creating awareness and also imparts knowledge in students on the various Organic production practices. It also helps in setting up your own business in this field for getting attributed to the profits directly. Especially the rural people would be able to get lot of benefit by taking up this course.

Scope of Certificate in Organic Farming from IGNOU:

After completion of IGNOU COF course, you can easily grow your own farm and adopt various organic farming methods. There are also various Government organizations that would IGNOU Recruit people who have completed this course. Normally, they would be able to pay you somewhere around Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 per month.

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