What is the Scope of Certificate program in NGO management from IGNOU

Scope of CNM – NGO management program is the most sought after IGNOU CNM among today’s youngsters. Plenty of job opportunities are found in the country as well as abroad. There are many renowned organizations that help to make a difference to the world and help society to be more secure and safe. The degree helps aspirants to be good managers in NGO’s and enhance skills and develop talent needed to work in such organizations, awareness about global issues, environment, social entrepreneurship etc.

One can work as an NGO manager, NGO human resource and finance manger, charitable trusts, government agencies, rural care sector, and many more. There are plenty of opportunities in big organizations like NATO. United Nations, UNICEF, WHO, health officer, social service provider, various disaster management organizations etc.
The salary is quite attractive as the IGNOU Job requires dedication, hard work and commitment. It can be around Rs. 25,000 approximately per month. 

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