What is the Scope of CertificatProgramme in Laboratory Techniques(CPLT) from IGNOU

IGNOU CPLT is a program aimed at creating qualified personnels who can be employed in the laboratories of our schools and colleges. With no age bar limitations, the duration time of this long distance program is minimum 6 months and maximum 2 years.There is high demand for such skilled people who can be employed as support staff in the laboratories and science section of a large number of schools and colleges of our country. Every major college and research Institute need people who can manage laboratory equipments and materials. IGNOU Job scope is not just limited to working in laboratories but also overseeing and management of quality control and product development divisions.

Various Career opportunities in government sector include state college and schools, scientific research labs, quality control, forensic labs etc. Private sector opportunities include major drug and healthcare industries,private colleges, product development, ,research laboratories and their quality control divisions.

Leading Medical and Research Institutes,Steel industries, engineering and mining firms are just a few government and private industries in need of such skilled professionals.

Range of salary offered is in accordance with the experience in the field. Healthy remuneration and perks are earned by people depending on the scale of their responsibility and management.

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  1. Respected sir/mem I can’t download my result I wanna to see my cplt result my enrollment number is 161470656 please send me my result by email please

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