What is the scope of Diploma in Aquaculture from IGNOU

Scope of DAQ – Particular form of agriculture, in which rearing of aquatic plants and animals take place is known as Aquaculture. The aquatic plants and animals are reared in semi natural or artificial condition. An individual can find different forms of aquaculture. Some people have an opinion that, aquaculture is concerned about cultivation of shellfish and fish for the sea food market. But, the subject has a broader IGNOU prospect.

An individual with IGNOU DAQ have a diverse scope in water garden and industries dealing with sea food.  You must have a look over the species cultured in a particular organization. A great degree of management is required for rearing the aquatic plants and animals. There are many aqua culturists who can cover a wide area along with very little management. People having Diploma in Aquaculture are really important in the procedure of rearing aquatic plants and animals. Industries also export the living organisms to other nation.

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