What is the Scope of Doctor of philosophy in dairy science and technology from IGNOU

The degree is most popular in India as the country is the largest producer of milk in the whole world as well as one of the largest dairy product producers too. Today there is a stiff competition in the dairy market as the consumers have increased and with it the demand for quality products at affordable rates, which is why there is a need for scientific approach to the whole dairy production.

Due to the advancement in technology, IGNOU has provided its students with a degree in PhDDR for those who want to make a career in the dairy industry. There are various opportunities for a candidate with IGNOU PhDDR degree as he can work in various dairy industries that are private as well as government agencies as well. One can also undertake industrial research and help the dairy industry with newer technology.

The salary for a PhDDR is around Rs. 15,000 approximately. 

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