What is the Scope of Doctor of Philosophy in English from IGNOU

The Doctor of Philosophy in English(IGNOU PhD in English) is a distance program offered by IGNOU. This program is a great opportunity for students holding a Masters degree or MPhil degree and are not satisfied with their employment or remuneration. This program can not only add weight to their resume but also shall open a number of avenues that would not be possible otherwise.  The duration of the program is for a minimum of two years to a maximum of five years. There is no age limit and students of any age group or economic background can enroll.

This program is encouraged by the government as students of this program can be pillars of motivation and can lay some strong foundation stones in the field of English language. The employment opportunities after earning this degree would have no limits.

You can take up employment in the field of education and impart education to students at universities and colleges as senior lecturers or professors. You can also flourish in the field of literature and get into freelance writing with various publications to do justice to your skills. The remunerations would be as per industry standards for the right candidate. 

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