What is the Scope of Doctor of philosophy in knowledge management from IGNOU

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program in knowledge management is found to be taken up by very few students. You can find it in graduate study level or masters degree. However, there is plenty of scope for a doctorate degree as the program deals with working professionals and helps them to learn the methods of organization knowledge. The course consists of study of design and implementing business strategies.

IGNOU provides the best of training and expert knowledge in the field. There are various fields of employment like consulting, real estate, marketing, information technology, telecommunication and legal services for candidates with a IGNOU PHDKM degree. Candidates can start their career as knowledge analysts or experts. The university makes it easy for students to work in real world.

The salary is very attractive and can be around Rs. 20,000 or above for a qualified candidate. With increased experience and knowledge, the salary can increase many folds. 

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