What is the Scope of Doctor of philosophy in life sciences from IGNOU

Life sciences encompasses a wide area regarding science that also comprises of systematic study of living creatures and to know more about the living habits, their habitats and the way they contribute to nature. A degree in IGNOU PhDLS helps students to know more about the life sciences in the world and research and develop better living conditions.

The program plays a significant part in the world and contributes a lot to the environment as a whole. One can find career opportunities in the research institutes, laboratories, teaching institutes, IGNOU Universities, colleges medical research centres, lab technology and many more. One can work in various employment fields like lecturer, consultant, pharmaceuticals, researcher, nutritionist food scientist, biotech engineer, biology content developer, etc.

IGNOU provides a great platform for its students to take into the deep insight of all the matters of life sciences and help students gain the right foothold in the real world.

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