What is the Scope of Doctor of philosophy in management from IGNOU

IGNOU program is focused on training students and professionals in the skills and knowledge that is related to investigation that takes place systematically and other issues regarding the field. The course helps in new thoughts and solutions that are based on the issues of modern management and investigation.

The degree of IGNOU PhDM provides a great foundation in the modern times. The course provides a deep insight in research field and helps to explore specialist areas and the solution. Various job opportunities can be found in corporate offices, financial institutions, government offices, private offices, universities and many more. The candidates have to deal with the management side of the business, which is why they are paid handsomely.

The salaries are according to the IGNOU Job post and you skills. Even the employment field that you choose also depends on the salary that you ear. One can earn around Rs. 25,000 to Rs, 35,000 approximately per month.

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