What is the Scope of Doctor of philosophy in Nursing from IGNOU

Nursing is a much respected profession and is pursued by many as a career. With the booming health care industry, there are plenty of new hospitals and clinics that are being built to serve the sick and the ill people. that is why many aspirants are taking up the degree of IGNOU PhDNto help boost their careers and have job satisfaction as well.

IGNOU provides the needed skills and knowledge and help students become expert in the field. The program is subjective in nature and is all about research work. There are various IGNOU Job opportunities in various hospitals and clinics. One can work as a practical nursing instructor, director nursing surgical services, nursing lab assistant, manager nursing, nursing assistant medical telemetry, traveling nurse, clinical nurse specialist, nursing supervisor etc. One can also take up teaching job at various institutions and universities.

The salary is around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 approximately. 

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