What is the Scope of Doctor of Philosophy in vocational education from IGNOU

The doctor of philosophy in vocational education(IGNOU PhDVE) is a very innovative and significant program that helps scholars and functionaries and teacher to achieve skills and to strengthen their vocational education as well as training in this discipline. The aim is to provide proper training and knowledge to students who want to pursue a career in education.

Today there is lot of scope as there is an acute need for good trainers and educators all over the country. It is a research based program that helps in knowing more about the system of education and help other to learn the basis of education.

One can find IGNOU Jobs in universities as researchers, as teachers, in private institutes and also coaching classes as well. The salary for vocational educator is very attractive and one can find plenty of jobs with attractive salaries. If you are interested in research, then the salaries are much better. 

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