What is the Scope of IGNOU-IIA I-PhD in Physics and Astrophysics from IGNOU

It is an Integrated MSc-PhD Programme in Physics and Astrophysics, launched in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. The broad research areas envisaged are Sun and Solar System, Stellar Physics, Extragalactic Astronomy, Theoretical Astrophysics and related areas of Physics and Instrumentation. There is provision for the lateral exit after completion of MSc Students are provided a stipend as per DST norms and hostel facility at IIA. It is targeted towards giving research orientation to students with effect from Post BSc level
The PhD in Physics(IGNOU PhDP) and Astrophysics is a program offered to a student as a joint collaboration between Indian Institute of Astrophysics and IGNOU. Students interested in this speciality need should hold a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Physics or mathematics to enrol in this program.
The duration of this program is the minimum of two years to a maximum three years. Students should be at least twenty-four years of age to enrol in this program. This is a full time and also residential program. Students would be provided accommodation at the IIA hostel.
This is a highly sought after program among students interested in physics. After completion of this program, students can easily find employment at various government or non-government research centres and universities. This program has received tremendous encouragement from the government as it is a collaboration between two top institutes in the country.  A high demanding program with equally rewarding benefits and remuneration and knowledge too.  

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