What is the Scope of IGNOU PhD in Rural Development from IGNOU

If you we want our country to become a 100% developed country, then the development should begin from the rural areas of the country as cities try to grow but the rural areas are lagging behind in terms of education, infrastructure development and shortage of amenities and employment.  This program has received tremendous encouragement and appreciation from the government.  PhD in Rural development(IGNOU PhDRD) shall introduce you various aspects of rural development . This is a distance program from IGNOU. The minimum duration of this program is up to two years but students have the provision to complete it within five years.  There are various eligibility criteria for enrolling in this program, it is ideal to go through it carefully on the IGNOU website or contacting any of the study centres. There are innumerable IGNOU jobopportunities for the right candidate in the field of rural development, students can take up employment at government or non-government organizations, universities, NGO and many other sectors. Apart from a satisfactory remunerations, a respectable position along with perks and a number of benefits shall also be available. 

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