What is the scope of M.A in Anthropology from IGNOU

What is the scope of M.A in Anthropology from IGNOU

Anthropology refers to the science of humanities. A master’s degree in anthropology exposes students to varied kinds of cultures, human relations, their organisations, etc. M.A in Anthropology course concentrates on the changing environment and the resultant impact on related areas.
It integrates both natural and social sciences combining theories and practical elements of the area. The IGNOU M.A in Anthropology  module is apt for those students who aspire to work in national and international government offices, non-profit organisations, etc. The M.A in Anthropology is helpful to those students who prefer to conduct their research in the field of development or environment.

What is the scope of M.A in Anthropology from IGNOU Detail Information :

IGNOU presents well-designed Masters in Anthropology (IGNOU MAAN) with the objective to offer quality and rational approach to students. The M.A in Anthropology program is tailored to include changing environments. This IGNOU course prepares IGNOU students with extensive understanding of Anthropology in varied areas. On completion of M.A in Anthropology, IGNOU students become fit for pursuing their professional careers or higher education based on their preferences and their interest as per the coming future requirements .

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