What is the scope of M.A in History from IGNOU

What is the scope of M.A in History from IGNOU

History opens up wide range of options for versatile careers. A master’s degree of arts in history will offer theoretical knowledge coupled with practical training in local as well as regional history, project planning, research methods, and eventually, a dissertation. The course becomes more valuable for those who are pursuing a career as a librarian, heritage and archaeological professional, teacher or professor, or develop historical skills due to interest. History is also useful for those who want to become journalists, writers, civil service professionals, etc.

IGNOU will improve the prospects of students pursuing Master of Arts in History (IGNOU MAH). Benefits of the course are higher research as well as analytical skills of students. The course requires students to be passionate for history. It is perfect for those students who desire intellectual change. IGNOU offers expert faculty and well –designed course structure. Available in both languages, Hindi and English, the course open up wide IGNOU Prospectus for students in many fields.

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