What is the scope of M.A in Psychology from IGNOU

What is the scope of M.A in Psychology from IGNOU
A master’s degree of arts in psychology covers sub-disciplines of the subject. It offers in-depth theoretical knowledge and training in wide-ranging skills in psychology. The course concentrates on gaining skills for designing, conducting, evaluating as well as disseminating the research in the subject. Students acquire the skills via independents studies, seminars, and practical experience. The gained knowledge is applied in projects to be submitted by the students. With the project, students have opportunities to explore various fields in their area of interests.

IGNOU offers a structured course of Master of Arts in Psychology (IGNOU MAPC) for students. The course offers plethora of opportunities for students in a stimulating environment. The expert faculty, dynamic IGNOU Curriculum,  and multiple prospects will make the course apt for students looking forward to a flourishing career or higher studies. Students from diverse backgrounds will benefit from the supportive education environment. The course enhances academic as well as work qualifications.

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