What is the scope of M.A in Public Administration from IGNOU

What is the scope of M.A in Public Administration from IGNOU

Public Administration is a demanding field. It requires economic-centred training as well as in-depth knowledge to meet the challenges. A master’s degree of arts in public administration helps students to practice and analyze the areas of both national and international development. The core curriculum is multi-disciplinary to make students versatile and better equipped. It emphasizes applications of policies for the purpose of development, instead of mere theoretical knowledge. The course offers comprehensive knowledge to students regarding nature as well relationship of State, Administration and Society as well.

IGNOU offers a well-designed course in Master of Arts in Public Administration (IGNOU MPA). The IGNOU Curriculum structure is such designed that it plans to build future leaders as well as policy makers who are required to be equipped in management and analysis for public good. The purpose of M.A in Public Administration by IGNOU is to increase the efficiency of students in their preferred fields.

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