What is the Scope of PhD in Food and Nutrition from IGNOU

The PhD in Food and Nutrition(IGNOU PhDFN) is a distance program from IGNOU. Candidates holding M Phil or Masters degree in Food and Nutrition or  Dietician with 55% marks in their masters can qualify to enroll in this program. The duration of the program is two years but students also have the option to complete it within five years due to work commitments.  Food and nutrition is an extremely sensitive subject today.

More than half of Indian children are malnourished due to unawareness of nutrition this develops various complications in their growth.  Government is constantly coming up with various schemes to introduce people from various economic background the importance of good food and the right nutrition.

After completion of this program you can take up employment at various health care centres, hospitals, NGO’s and schools and spread awareness about right food and nutrition. Apart from a rewarding career it is a noble deed too. The remuneration is best in the industry due to the demand for well qualified candidates at various organizations. 

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