What is the scope of Post Graduate Professional Certificate in Special Education from IGNOU?

The objection of imparting special education is similar to those with the education for normal children. The aim of professionals with special education is to teach each child up to the level of their abilities. Teaching with same material is taught in the classroom.

Scopes of this program
IGNOU has launched the program named post graduate professional certificate in special education.  It is possible to find IGNOU Jobs in private as well as government sector for all those having professional certificate in special education program. There are NGOs with disabled children where the scope for individual with this professional degree can actually work.

Companies offering jobs
There is many government as well as private disabled schools seeking for professionals with special education program. It is also important to have B.Ed and IGNOU M.Ed along with the post graduation in special education. Today, more private institutions are willing to recruit teachers with disabled students.

Salary package
Salary package depends on one organization to another. You can also get a post of special education assistance with a pay package of $ 32,000.

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