What Services Provided At IGNOU Study Centres ?

What Services  Provided At IGNOU Study Centres?
• Pre-admission guidance and counselling as per requirement.
• Counselling (theoretical and practical, wherever applicable) – the learners are supposed to take taught by the self instructional materials and get clarification form the academic counsellors at the study centres. Counselling sessions are held as per schedule drawn at the study centres. These are scheduled in such a manner that these do not clash with the normal schedule of the host institutions. Thus academic counselling sessions are held normally on Saturday/ Sunday and holidays. These are also held during morning and evening hours of the weekdays depending on the requirement.
Practical sessions of BSc are held during vacations. Practicals for programmes launched by the SOHS(School of Health Sciences), SOET(School of Educational and Technology), etc are held in spells. However, computer practicals are held on a regular basis.

Below are list of  Services  Provided At IGNOU Study Centres ?

• Assignment Evaluation – Tutor-marked IGNOU Assignments (TMA) is the most significant component of internal assessment. Every aspect of TMA is handled at the study centres.
• Library – Every study centre has a small reference library. The learners may use the library. However, they are not allowed to borrow books.
• Audio, Video (A/V) facilities – A/V equipments are available at the study centres. Learners may approach the centres for listening to the audio and watching the videos.
These referred to the reception facilities for satellite based educational programmes.
The different facilities are as under:
1) DRS- Disc Reception System through which one can watch the programmes and can have interactivity via phone and fax.
2) ROT- Receive Only Terminal for Edusat based programmes.
3) SIT- Satellite Interactive Terminal, again for Edusat based programmes and interactivity is via Wireless Local loop (WLL). Basic requirement apart from the terminal is a telephone with STD facility..
4) DTH- Technology is similar to DRS, but the dishes are small and are called Direct To Home.
• Examination Services – Most of the study centres are centres for holding Termend examinations in June and December.
• Information Services – Last but not the least, every IGNOU Study Centre is an information centre for IGNOU.
Source : IGNOU Official website FAQ PDF

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