Why Do Not Get Proper Responses To Our Queries

Why Do Not Get Proper Responses To Our Queries :
Why I Do Not Get Proper Responses To Our Queries At The Study Centre?

Every IGNOU Study Centre is manned by part-time staff and there may be gaps in their understanding of the system despite their best efforts. At present IGNOU offers a big basket of diverse IGNOU Programmes and courses. It is not possible for an individual to keep track of every minute detail of a programme. These may be the reasons for not getting a proper response. However, the best source of information is the IGNOU Website. You may also send e-mails to the School concerned.


I Was Trying The Study Centre Telephone But There Was No Reply. I Am Not Expected To Go All The Way To Study Centre Just For Making A Simple Query. What Can I Do Now?

It seems that you had not contacted the IGNOU Study Centre during the working hours. Please ring them up during the prescribed hours of IGNOU Study Centre.


We Had Applied For Having A IGNOU Study Centre At Our Institution More Than Five Years Back. At That Time It Was Not Considered. Can We Apply Again Now for IGNOU?
Why not! However, please make sure that you have fulfilled all the conditions which might have been wanting in your previous proposal.
Why Can’t The Access To Master Records Be Created At The IGNOU Study Centres?

IGNOU has its website and its access is open to anyone having internet facility. There is no bar towards the host institutions of the Study Centre creating such facility. IGNOU Study Centre has to perform within the  boundaries drawn by IGNOU Regional centre officer so everything is not accessible from your  IGNOU Study Centres.

Every Study Centre is manned by part-time staff mostly drawn from the existing staff of the host institution or other institutions/organisations.  The number of persons to be appointed and at what level is determined by the type of Study Centre (taking into consideration the nature and volume of work handled) and number of students enrolled.

Why Does Not IGNOU Open IGNOU Study Centre Within Its IGNOU Regional Centre?
Normally at a IGNOU Regional Centre we do not have the infrastructure like classroom, halls, etc as it is available at the institutions where we have our study centres. However, for certain computer education programmes (MCA,BCA,CLP), IGNOU PGDLAN, etc. we hold the counselling sessions (both theoretical and practical) at the Regional Centres.
What Am I Supposed To Do If I Do Not Get Timely Information From My IGNOU Regional Centre Regarding The Confirmation Of My IGNOU Admission?

Please keep visiting the IGNOU website. However, if you do not get information about the confirmation of your admission from the website you may have to contact your IGNOU Regional Centre personally.

Our IGNOU Study Centre Has Teleconference Reception Facility. However, It Is Activated For Limited Number Of Programmes. If There Is A Teleconference Session On Any Of The IGNOU Programmes Not Activated At Our Study Centre Can We Permit The Students Concerned, Who May Not Be Attached To The Study Centre To View It 

Yes, you must extend such facility. But make sure that you have checked the identity of the students. All Broadcast Troubleshooting Related for site http://www.ignouonline.ac.in/broadcast can be asked here.

The Above Link Contains the following Channels
Gyandarshan 1 (LIVE)
Gyandarshan 2 (Live)
Gyanvaani (LIVE)
For viewing the Web Schedules for the above Channels please click on the link http://www.ignouonline.ac.in/broadcast/Schedule/


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