Why Should I Study PGCPP/PGDIPR From IGNOU

Why Should I Study PGCPP/PGDIPR From IGNOU : Why Should I Study PGCPP/PGDIPR From IGNOU (Post Graduate Certificate In Patents Practice/Post Graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights)?
a) What is the target group?
b) What are the merits of doing the said programme from IGNOU?
c) What are the job opportunities?
d) Which other Courses I can do from IGNOU?
Patent is the most significant form of Intellectual Property (IP) to encourage creativity in science and technology and to protect invention and innovation from misappropriation by others. It is a strategic tool for economic growth facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and technology transfer, stimulating Research and Development (R&D) and creation of new technologies and business, empowering enterprises, and expanding business globally along with trademarks. Ironically at a time when India is being globally recognised as an economic and knowledge giant, we suffer from an acute lack of patent Literacy, i.e. our inventors and innovators as also our companies and legal fraternity
are by and large not well equipped to read or write patents. Hence, we miss opportunities and fail to protect what we invent. The PG Certificate and Programmes in Patents and Intellectual Property Rights have been launched to address these shortcomings.
a) Legal practitioner and others involved in patenting and IPR related activities.
b) The flexibility of ODL provides opportunity to in-service personnel. The multimedia capability of IGNOU can be fruitfully utilised to a great extent.
c) There are many job opportunities in the Government organizations and private sectors.
Source : IGNOU Official website FAQ PDF

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