Why Should I Study Primary Education Courses from IGNOU

Why Should I Study Primary Education Courses from IGNOU :
a) What is the target group?
b) What are the merits/demerits of doing the said programme in IGNOU visà- vis conventional system?
c) Which Courses/Programmes do you suggest me to do from the conventional system and ODL along with the said programmes?
d) What are the job opportunities?
e) What further study can I do after completion of these programmes?
f) These programmes are not on offer in every state of the country. Why so? What steps is the University taking for providing access to these programmes to teachers of every state in the country?
g) You have a very stringent requirement in respect of attending practicals, practice of teaching and workshops. Most of us are having families and particularly for the ladies it becomes difficult to stay away from home for long periods for attending to these requirements. Can’t you be a little more liberal?
h) The schools where we teach are not well equipped from the point of view of the manpower as well as infrastructure to provide mentoring for school based practicals. What is the solution?
i) We get to learn so many things through these programmes but the pressure of syllabus added with infrastructural limitation do not allow us to apply most of the things which we learn. What are your comments?
Professional improvement and career enhancement of teachers should be addressed on continuous basis. In order to keep the motivation of the children attending school alive and to check the dropout rate it has been found that involvement of suitably trained teachers is of crucial importance. These programmes have been developed with a view to impart training to a large number of untrained and undertrained teachers in the country. Several State Governments have been promoting these programmes for the teachers belonging to their states.
a) These have been designed for in-service teachers working at the primary/ elementary school level.
b) Such variety of primary/elementary teacher education programmes are not on offer through the conventional system. Moreover, it is not impossible for the inservice teachers to do such programmes through the conventional system as they would not be having time for attending classes. The number of such untrained teachers is huge so the DE-mode is the most viable option. Further to above the DE-mode has a distinct advantage of providing easy access to the learners to quality contents. There has been phenomenal advancement in researches in teacher education and the primary/elementary teachers of our country should get a feel
of the outcome of such researches which is possible through DE-mode.
c) You may do DECE (DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION), CIG (Certificate in Guidance), CTE (Certificate in Teaching of English) and CTPM (Certificate in Teaching Primary School Mathematics) from IGNOU.
d) Learners can improve their professional competencies which would help them in gaining upward mobility in their profession. They may also get fresh attractive teaching jobs.
e) Presuming you will be in teaching job you may pursue BEd (Bachelor of Education), IGNOU MEd (Master of Education), MA(Edu.) [Master of Arts in Education], PGDDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education), IGNOU MADE (Master of Arts in Distance Education) provided you fulfill the eligibility conditions.
f) Any teacher education programme needs the approval of NCTE (National Council of Training Education). In so far as launching the programme across the states of the country is concerned IGNOU is in the process of obtaining the approval from NCTE in a phased manner. One of the reasons behind it is the number of untrained teachers in every state, wherever the programme has been launched, is huge. The infrastructure of IGNOU (in particular the manpower) is not adequate enough to be able to handle all the activities pertaining to the programmes. IGNOU gives priority to those states where the Government shows proactiveness regarding offer of these programmes.
g) No. Ours is a quality programme prepared on the guidelines of NCTE and we cannot make any compromise with the requirements. The hardship faced, if any, has to be managed at the level of the teachers.
h) The provision of mentoring has been kept in order to facilitate the learners. If that is not at all possible then you have no other alternative than to manage yourself. You may take help from some video programmes of IGNOU on classroom teaching. The infrastructural limitation is a problem faced throughout the country. You have to plan your practicals within the constraints of the infrastructural limitation.
i) There cannot be a turn-key solution to your problem. You have to develop a strong mind set towards developing capability of utilizing whatever little infrastructure you have in your school. Before complaining about the limitations please make sure that you have fully utilized whatever is available. A good teacher also should be a good manager. So it is expected that you will be having the expertise in handling the syllabus in a manner which would not only lead to its completion just for the sake of it but would also ensure that the students are able to imbibe the content of the syllabous adequately.
Source : IGNOU Official website FAQ PDF

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