Why should I study Rural Development Courses from IGNOU

Why should I study  Rural Development Courses from IGNOU ?
a) What is the target group?
b) What are the merits/demerits of doing the said programme in IGNOU visà- vis conventional system?
c) Which are the Courses/ Programme I can do from IGNOU?
d) What are the job opportunities?
e) What further study can I do after completion of these programmes?
It provides a comprehensive knowledge of socio-economic factors affecting transformation of the rural society. The contents are designed so as to impart an integrated understanding to the learners about the crucial dimensions of rural development. It aims at enabling the learners acquire skills related to planning, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development projects and programmes. The programme also introduces the learner to the basic aspects of research and project work in rural sector.
a) This programme is primarily meant for all those who would like to work in the field of rural development or are already engaged in the field of rural development either in the government or the non-government sector with the Bachelors degree in any subject.
b) The programmes will be useful to personnel working in various Government Departments/agencies, NGOs, Co-operative Bank, other institutions engaged in rural transformation. It will also be beneficial for fresh graduates interested in pursuing career in the Disciplines of Rural Development. But such programmes are not on offer by most of the conventional universities. Moreover, IGNOU provides the facility of getting access to a variety of learning resources.
c) Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development, Post Graduate Diploma in Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, BSW, IGNOU MSW, CYP, DCYP and PGDSW.
d) The person who complete IGNOU MARD will get the job in various Government Departments Agencies and in Banks also. These also facilitate learners in acquiring skills related to planning, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development projects and programmes.
e) Learner can go for Certificate in NGO Management, Certificate in Rural Entrepreneurship. You can also pursue M.Phil, Ph.D in Rural Development.
Source : IGNOU Official website FAQ PDF

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